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Storm Tree Damage

Of all the situations we face as tree professionals, storm damage is the most poignant.  Uprooted trees, fallen limbs, property damage, dangerous conditions due to debris, etc., present the homeowner with an emergency situation.  Green Bay Tree Service is available 24×7 to be your go-to tree care professional in these trying situations.  We will respond quickly and effectively to remove storm debris and totally clean up your property as if there was never a storm.  We pride ourselves in going above and beyond in these situations as people’s property and safety are a stake.  It is not unusual for a homeowner to be rendered paralyzed by a storm such that tree service is required immediately for them to leave their properties.  A large branch could be blocking their egress to/from the property or a tree could have fallen on their roof making the structure inhabitable.   In these emergencies, we are first to respond and clear the way for other emergency organizations to respond, such as fire, police, medical, and utility companies.  Call Green Bay Tree Service whenever you have an emergency tree situation as you can depend on us to be there when it counts. 

From a preventative perspective, have us inspect the trees in close proximity before a storm strikes.  This can often prevent tree damage to property and life.  Many times, trees are severely overhanging roofs and other property structures creating an imminent danger should a storm move through.  With forethought, many of these hazards can be eliminated and prevented by having any emergencies during strong storms.

Emergency Storm Tree Damage Response

If you do have tree storm damage, please call us immediately and do not attempt to maneuver around downed power lines or another dangerous storm aftermath.  Once you contact us in an emergency situation, we will respond according to our emergency storm protocol:

One of our professionals will immediately come to your residence or business to assess the damage and clean up effort

We provide an onsite written estimate and cost of the work to be performed.  If you accept, our onsite staff member will mobilize our storm response team quickly bringing them and all the necessary equipment to your site

We will immediately identify all dangerous situations, calling the necessary third parties (such as utility companies) for assistance.

When the safety of our customers and staff is assured, we will immediately begin work to remove all the storm debris from your property.  We will remove all large pieces of wood and chip the small branches and debris.

We will continue to work until all evidence of storm damage has been cleared away and your property has been restored to its form and beauty.

Don’t just call a tree service company if you have urgent emergency tree care needs.  Only call Green Bay Tree Service if want professionals on your property who can safely and efficiently remove all tree-storm damage.  We are licensed, insured, and bonded for these very situations and afford our customers all the financial and legal protections offered as a result of our insurance policies. 

Emergency tree work is a specialized service and one that Green Bay Tree Service is highly skilled in.  Call us whenever you are faced with emergency storm tree damage – we are the tree service Green Bay residents trust in these challenging situations.  


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