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Stump Removal

When stump grinding isn’t an option, or at least is not the preferred option, we can remove the entire stump from the ground.  Our Stump and Root Removal Service is for those applications where a property owner desires the entire stump and root structure to be removed.  For example, a locust tree has a shallow root system, with roots often very visible in a lawn making cutting grass and recreational use hazardous.  In these scenarios, the removal of the entire stump and root structure is often the most desirable or preferred option.  

Removing the entirety of a stump and its roots requires the use of light to medium-duty equipment, such as a mini-track hoe excavator.   This is not a DIY project for a homeowner or business owner.  Essentially the process involved digging out the stump and visible roots and restoring the surrounding area to plantable condition.  There may be the potential of nearby damage to grassed areas and landscape beddings depending on the proximity of the stump to these other areas.  However, Green Bay Tree takes the time to ensure these impacts are minimized or eliminated.  

Stump Removal Process

Like all of our tree service work, we employ a multi-step process to gain both efficiency as well as ensure safety:  

  • We will assess and inspect the area containing the stump and roots, as well as call the local utility company to mark for buried power lines.  
  • We use a chainsaw to shave the stump down close to the ground but still allow some to protrude, which helps our backhoe bite into it as we extract it.  
  • Dig out an area around the stump approximately 3 feet in diameter to allow for a cleaning removal.
  • Dig until the stump is removed and all visible roots are eliminated too.
  • Restore the surrounding ground and area to a condition ready for planting and re-seeding. 

We offer a free estimates on stump removal and provide multi-stump discounts if you have more than one stump to deal with.  Of course, we back up all of our stump removal work with a money-back satisfaction guarantee, affording you one of the best deals in the area.

The entire stump removal process can take an hour to two hours depending on the size, age, size, root structure, and species of the tree.  Please call Green Bay Tree Service if you need one or more stumps removed.


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