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Lot Clearing

Lot clearing is tree removal on steroids, and Green Bay Tree Service is well-staffed and equipped to perform all sizes of lot clearing, from individual residential lots to the largest commercial developments.  Given our experience and expertise, we can clear large development quicker, more efficiently, and cheaper than all of our competitors.  We work with all the main residential and commercial developers, and we have built our reputation with them as trusted business contractors.  We are one of the first contractors called on any level of construction, to clear the way for the building to begin.  We also work hard to preserve as many trees as possible to enhance the natural beauty of the cleared site. 

We work side-by-side with homeowners, residential builders, and large-scale commercial developers in clearing land.  We perform all of our traditional tree services in clearing land, from tree removal, stump removal/grinding, and even trimming those trees that will remain.  However, given the scale of these projects, we increase our productivity through added staff and more equipment, in order to efficiently clear the land for construction. 

Please call Green Bay Tree Service the next time you need land cleared – we are the best choice for these types of projects. 


We also have firewood for sale, both seasoned and green.  We offer most types of hardwood, split and stacked for aging.  We provide firewood to residential and commercial businesses for heating, cooking, and other applications.  We offer pick-up, delivery, and delivery & stacking.  We also can provide unsplit wood at significantly reduced prices if you would like to split it yourself.  Lastly, we offer mulch and wood chips for various purposes.  Call us today about availability and prices.

Tree Cabling & Bracing

Tree cabling and bracing are arbor techniques to aid a tree in growing a specific way, promoting safe and aesthetically pleasing growth.  The most common technique is to brace or cable in such a way as to ensure ideal growth.  This can be done early in the young tree’s life to ensure it starts growing the correct way, or it can be done later as a corrective technique to restore a more mature tree’s growth to more of an ideal pattern.  Green Bay Tree Service has the experience and knowledge with all species of trees to do this correctly, both in terms of the equipment and for the tree’s health and safety.  Consider cabling and bracing a tree that you might otherwise have removed when the solution is to merely re-direct growth and prune.


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