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We are Door County’s top-rated tree service, taking care of various tree care projects throughout the Wisconsin area. We are a customer-oriented company that also does tree service. We treat every client as if they were family, and we only hire the most professional and committed employees. We are delighted to be a part of the Door County business community, having served residential and commercial property owners in the area since 2000.

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About Door County Tree Service

We are a Door County-based family-owned and managed business. We began our journey sometime in the year 2000 with a truck and a chainsaw and have since grown to a fully outfitted and trained tree care service. Our company philosophy is to serve each customer with respect, integrity, and kindness while providing the best tree maintenance services in the industry. We accomplish this through competent management and dedicated crew members. We have built a solid standing in the industry by providing exceptional customer service at reasonable prices. Due to manpower, equipment, and significant insurance rates, tree service work can be expensive, but we combine both economical pricing and superior tree service work.

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Top Reasons We Are the Tree Service Door County, Wisconsin, Depends On

Picture of a tree cut up from a tree removal for a customer in Door County, WIHere are the top ten reasons why you should contact us the next time you require professional tree care that is both affordable and of high quality. Don’t just believe what we say. Read #7 to find out what other customers have to say about our customer-focused strategy for tree maintenance.

We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on All Your Tree Care Needs

Many companies promise to give you your money’s worth, but how often do they follow through? We do! We are the best for all of your skilled tree service needs, and we will not accept anything less than your complete happiness!

Because we value your resources, time, and assets, our tree care experts get the job done perfectly the first time. Furthermore, you can be reassured that your property and other surroundings are secured during our stay in your home or business. We also go the extra mile in cleaning up after ourselves, so your property is as good as it was when we arrived, or even better.

We are Wisconsin’s favorite tree care company, especially in the Door County area! We are overjoyed with the progress we’ve seen in the last year, and it’s all thanks to you, our loyal and devoted customers, who have trusted us with all of your tree service needs, from tree removals to tree trimming to stump grinding.

Complete Service Tree Care – We Provide a Full Range of Tree Services

Nothing is too difficult for us! We are aware that tree care should be based on the tree that needs attention, and that every concern calls for a specific solution. As a result, we provide an array of tree care solutions, including regular, well-known procedures to specialized services that not every tree service can provide to its clients. When our certified arborists arrive for your free estimate, they will go through these services with you; after all, it doesn’t matter how effectively we do our job if our customers aren’t satisfied!

We are dedicated to our customers. We strive to provide the best tree service possible while keeping the following in mind:

  • Your trees’ best interests
  • Your property’s security
  • Our employees’ safety is our top priority
  • Our consumers’ total satisfaction

It’s a lot to accomplish, but you can trust us to be on top of our game! We will go to any length to ensure that all of these requirements are met. The services we provide are listed below. Remember that we have tree care professionals who can provide extra support and consultation on all of these options, along with any additional ones you may require that are not listed here.

  • Tree Removal
  • Stump Removal
  • Stump Grinding
  • Tree Trimming
  • Tree Pruning
  • 24-Hour Emergency Tree Service
  • Tree Cabling & Bracing
  • Tree Crown Reduction
  • Arboriculture Consulting
  • Tree Crown Thinning
Picture of our owner in a bucket truck trimming a large tree for a customer in Door County, WI
Picture of a large stump that needs to be removed for a customer in Door County.
  • Brush Clearing
  • Lot/Land Clearing
  • Wood Chipping
  • Tree Felling
  • Tree Planting
  • Preventative Tree Care
  • Firewood

We are also delighted to provide full-service arboriculture solutions for your trees and landscaping, including hedges and shrubs. Reach out to us immediately to find out more about the tree care services we offer.

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Skilled Tree Service at Reasonable Costs

Professional tree service can be costly. This is because of the price of equipment, insurance, and labor. Stump grinders, for example, cost more than $12,000, while chippers and pickups cost more than $27,000. Employees are compensated at a rate of 20% of the real labor cost.

The basic conclusion is that running a legitimate tree service business has high overhead expenditures. However, you should only choose a tree care company that makes this investment as a promise to its customers.

Having said that, we strive hard to keep our costs competitive and fair for the high-quality equipment and services we provide. We understand that our customers want more than just the lowest price. As a result, we provide high-quality, experienced tree care at competitive pricing. We are convinced that our customers will appreciate the value proposition we provide.

We Serve All of Door County, WI

Wisconsin, notably Door County, is host to thousands of trees, and we are experts in their care. The state features deciduous forests such as birches, ashes, oaks, elms, and pines, to mention a few. All these tree kinds, as well as all of the others native to Wisconsin, require skilled arborist care. Regardless of where you are in Door County or what type of tree service you desire, we have you covered.

Trustworthy, Licensed, and Insured

Our safety record, license, and insurance provide peace of mind to all of our clients. First and foremost, we do everything with safety in mind. Our safety record is impeccable. We take all necessary measures when executing our operation, from using safety harnesses and ropes to lowering big limbs to always maintaining our tools concerning the manufacturer’s advice. Second, we are licensed to offer tree care services in the state of Wisconsin. Third, we supply all of our employees with both company insurance and workers’ compensation. You can rely on us to ensure that not only will the work be carried out effectively, but also in a skilled, safe, and legal manner.

Same-Day, Free Estimates

We are aware that many Door County tree service companies offer free quotations, but we take pride in being one of the few that do so the same day you call. We understand that when you want (or require) tree services, you need them right away.

This speedy service begins with a free on-site estimate for the tree maintenance you need. After telling us your concern, we can get you booked as soon as possible and put your mind at ease knowing that your tree maintenance is now in the capable hands of professionals.

We realize how bothersome it may be to receive answering machines and not receive a return call, or to receive a return call days later. We make it our top priority to meet with prospective clients as soon as possible to discuss their tree service needs.

Discover What Our Clients Think of Us

We risk our good name every time we connect with a potential client. Even if we merely provide an estimate and the client chooses another provider, we have left an impression that could harm our reputation. We are pleased with the feedback we have received from our repeat clients because of this. We take pride in the fact that our work is so highly regarded by the people we serve, whether it be on Google, Yelp, Facebook, or HomeAdvisor. Check for yourself what our consumers are saying about our service.

Tree Storm Damage Service Available 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week

Ice and powerful storms, including tornadoes, can cause massive damage, particularly to homes and trees. In these urgent situations, we offer 24-hour emergency tree service clean-up services to immediately restore your property. Trees that have fallen or been uprooted, as well as damaged branches and other tree waste can be perilous as well as unsightly. As a result, we offer 24-hour service to clean up every trace of storm-related tree damage promptly. When you call us, we will promptly come to the location of your choice to provide you with an accurate quote. Following that, we will rapidly dispatch a tree service crew to your property to begin the restoration process. Because we understand that property owners demand quick and economical clean-up solutions during these difficult times, we provide this round-the-clock service at no additional cost above and above our usual tree service offerings. When it comes to storm damage cleanup, contact the tree removal experts in Door County, WI.

We Provide Professional Tree Service

We give the utmost importance to tree care. We understand that anyone can trim or chop a tree down, but doing it properly, professionally, and with consideration for your overall landscape requires knowledge, experience, and talent. Furthermore, we have spent years, if not decades, investing in our education, credentials, certificates, and experience in order to provide you with the best-skilled tree care service in the Door County, WI area. Finally, we have invested in our company by obtaining the necessary licensing, insurance, and equipment. You will not find any other tree company as dedicated and skilled as the Door County Tree Service. All our blog posts regarding tree maintenance are worth reading.

Our price is completely clear, both in our written estimate and in our explanation of the cost of tree service here.

Transparency in Pricing

Our price is completely clear, both in our written estimate and in our explanation of the cost of tree service here.

Picture of a large tree being trimmed by our employee for a customer in Door County, WI.

Tree Removal

 Tree removal costs vary depending on several criteria, including size and accessibility. Due to labor costs, the more massive the tree is, the costlier it will be to eliminate. The sheer volume of wood that must be chopped determines the time required to remove it, and thus the labor involved. The price of a tree is also affected by its location and accessibility. Trees that are not located near any fixed facility or property are easier to deal with and do not require the use of any specialized tools. Tree removal is something that property owners in Door County, WI can trust to deliver with ease.

Tree Trimming

Tree trimming pricing is driven by the same factors as tree removal pricing: dimension and accessibility. A third consideration is the quantity of trimming required. A significantly overgrown tree will necessitate more trimming and wood removal than a regularly manicured tree. Tree trimming Door County, WI residents, and business owners rely on for reliable tree care.

Stump Grinding

The price is determined by the area and size. Larger stumps take longer to grind, while tree stumps in difficult-to-access sites require additional work to remove.

A rough approximation of service pricing is as follows: tree removals can cost up to $450 to over $2,000; tree pruning can cost $180 to over $1,000; and stump grinding expenses can cost $90 to over $480. These rates are only a basic range typical of most service charges; nevertheless, particular circumstances and unique scenarios will determine the precise price.

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