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Why Remove a Tree

Tree removal is our most requested service.  It is also the largest and most complicated service that we perform.  Removing trees isn’t terribly difficult yet there is a skill to doing it correctly and safely.  Green Bay Tree Service has been removing trees from our founding, and we have removed all species and sizes of trees indigenous to the Northern Wisconsin area.  Our tree removal process beings with our free, no-obligation, assessment and quote where we come to your home or business to survey the job.  During this time we will identify the type of tree, size, nearby property structures, points of access, and other unique attributes necessary to remove the tree safely and efficiently.  As a case in point, a locus tree, with its multiple trunks vs. an oak tree requires two different approaches and techniques to remove.  Also during our assessment, we will ask you if you have any additional requirements or instructions for removal, such as removing the wood or stacking it.  We will produce the estimate on the spot and leave you to consider it or schedule the date/time to conduct the work.  We are confident you will be impressed with our professionalism and thoroughness during this visit, and he trusts we will distinguish ourselves from the competition. 

Tree Removal Process

First thing in the morning of the scheduled appointment, a Green Bay Tree Service customer representative will call you to confirm the time our crew will be there to perform the work.  We will commit to a two-hour window to be there and start the job.

The tree removal begins with our foreman assigning his crew to various work tasks, such as chipper, ground crew, clean up, branch cutters, and lead tree cutter.  At that point, the actual tree cutting will begin, which is a systematic dismembering of the tree limb by limb.  Whether we use heavy equipment or climb it using tree harnesses, we will remove branch by branch, and lower bigger and heavier ones safely to the ground using ropes and pulleys.  When on the ground, our branch cutters and ground crew will quickly cut and remove it – large pieces cut up into 3-foot sections and smaller branches transferred to the chipper.  We will continue this process until we are left with the trunk, where we will divide it up into manageable pieces to cut.  We will end the removal process with the main trunk cut off, leaving only a short stump.  During all of this time, our ground crew will be maintaining the cleanliness of the area as well as ensuring safety.

At this point, we can optionally remove the stump, or as some of our customers have done – use it as a decorative planter (see photo to the right).  If the stump is to be ground, we will remove the trunk down to as close as possible to the ground.  This will enable our grinder to make short work of the stump.    All wood will have either been stacked in a place designated by you or removed to an awaiting truck.  Our ground crew will rake and blow the area leaving virtually no sign that a tree was removed.  When we pack up and go, your yard and property will be pristine, minus one tree.

Please call Green Bay Tree Service for all your tree removal needs.  We are licensed, insured, and bonded.


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