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Since 2000, we have provided the best tree service in Door County, Wisconsin. We are a customer-focused tree service that cares about not just the trees but also our customers. We are a family-run operated business that has been serving Door County for more than two decades. We address all of our clients and prospective customers exactly how we would like our own to be dealt with: with integrity, professionalism, and pricing transparency. We are proud community members who help our neighbors in the same way that they do. Give us a call the next time you need superior tree service at a fair price; we always provide no-obligation estimates and can usually be at your home or business within the same day you reached out to us.

About Us

We are a locally owned and run tree service that was formed in the first quarter of 2000. We started our business with a chainsaw we built out of an old Chevy truck. We got to where we are today thanks to hard work, amazing client support, and our customers’ trust. Our business mindset has been to serve each customer honestly and with respect and to deliver great tree care at reasonable pricing. 

We want to assume that by carrying out the same vision, we have earned the same reputation. We have all of the crucial licensing and insurance to back up our exceptional tree care and professionalism. You can rely on us to provide the safe, high-quality tree care Door County has relied on for over two decades. ​

Keep This in Mind Before Employing a Tree Service

When looking for a Door County tree service, clients commonly search for terms such as “tree removal Door County”, “tree removal service”, “tree service near me”, “tree trimming service”, “tree removal near me”, and even “cheap tree service”. However, the outcomes of a search will be overwhelming, leaving the customer more confused than enlightened. Consider the information below as a guide in choosing a tree service.

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Why You Need to Choose Us

Picture of a tree cut down and waiting for the crew to chip and haul a way for a tree removal in Door County, WI.Here are some compelling reasons to contact us when you require high-quality but low-cost tree maintenance.

We believe that these factors demonstrate why we are the area’s number one choice for tree maintenance.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We are a customer service company that specializes in tree care. We always think of our customers before anything else, and we promise their complete satisfaction once the task is done. We provide exceptionally professional and quality service from the moment you contact us until we depart your home or office. We back up our commitment to client service with:

  • Every effort is made to provide same-day quotes;
  • Booking the work during the estimate;
  • Skilled and competent employees;
  • We are licensed and insured
  • The best equipment available in the industry;
  • Complete high-quality tasks for your trees and landscape, as well as a customer satisfaction survey
  • Door County, WI residents depend on our tree service.

We are glad to travel across the area offering our exceptional customer service-centered tree care as the area’s chosen tree care company across Door County and even more pleased with the positive reviews we have gotten. We are only as excellent as what our clients say about us – see the sources below for testimonials. Consider the customer-focused firm that prioritizes you the next time you require tree care services. 

Complete Tree Care

We provide the full range of tree care services that any property owner would expect and require. All of our services are protected by a refund policy, as well as licensure and insurance. Furthermore, we only work with arborists and tree care specialists who have received certification from the International Society of Arboriculture and the Tree Care Industry Association. We will visit your home or business and provide you with an initial quote on any of our full range of service choices, providing you with a direct price as well as one in writing soon after our visit. Furthermore, all of the services we provide shall meet or surpass the following standards:

  • Deliver the best tree care available;
  • Protect your property while on the work;
  • Ensure complete personnel safety;
  • Guarantee 100% client approval.
  • Property owners in Door County, WI rely on us for tree removal.

Our determination to achieve competence, quality, and client satisfaction is embedded in each of these goals. We will not accept the work if we are unable to fulfill or surpass each of these objectives. However, it is incredibly unusual that we encounter work where we cannot meet these expectations. In addition to the services listed here, please contact one of our tree care specialists if you require a service that is not included. We can provide tailored assistance for any unusual or one-of-a-kind situation.

  • Tree Removal
  • Tree Trimming & Pruning
  • Stump Removal
  • Stump Grinding
  • Emergency Service
  • Tree Bracing & Cabling
  • Tree Crown Reduction
  • ​Firewood
  • Arboriculture Consulting
  • ​Tree Crown Grooming
  • Land/Lot Clearing
  • Brush Removal
  • Wood Chipping
  • Tree Falling
  • Tree Planting & Fertilizing
  • Tree Spraying
  • Preventative Tree Care
Picture of a tree next to the house that a customer wanted removed in Door County, WI.

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Large Tree Removal

We specialize in clearing trees that have become a nuisance in your landscaping. Trees should be removed for a variety of reasons, including being dead or dying, causing landscape issues such as excessive shade that prevents grass from growing, jeopardizing properties such as homes or water lines, or simply creating an inconvenience such as leaves in downspouts or overall tree debris in your yard. Regardless, we can deliver expert and cost-effective tree removal in any area on your property. We are the tree removal Door County residents and business owners rely on for cost-effective tree care.

Professional Tree Trimming

Tree trimming is often seen as an optional landscape care task by property owners. But the truth is, tree trimming, in addition to pruning for younger trees should be performed on a regular basis. Tree pruning not only keeps your trees in form but also stimulates healthy growth by concentrating energy on the branches that are not clipped. Unlike forest trees, which only grow vertically as they struggle for direct sunlight, garden trees can grow in any direction they wish, making them troublesome and sometimes unappealing. As a result, regular tree trimming is essential for any well-kept landscape. Call the tree trimming Door County Tree Service for expert tree care.

Stump Grinding

Our stump grinding service is almost frequently paired with tree removals.  Few people want an unsightly, decaying stump on their lawn. Furthermore, tree stumps attract pests and insects, potentially making them dangerous.

Tree Service at an Affordable Price

It is costly to run a competent, well-equipped tree contractor firm. Labor, tools, and insurance are all major overhead costs. All of our stump grinders cost more than $13,000, and some of our trucks cost more than $28,000. In addition, to protect our team, we carry insurance for employees, which adds 20% to our labor expenses in total. This means that for every $100 in labor costs, we spend an additional twenty dollars. We are not arguing, but it is a truth that a company must pay large money in order to provide superior tree care services. On the contrary, we realize that our customers demand economical tree care.

Fortunately, the huge amount of clientele we receive allows us to keep our prices affordable. While we are not the cheapest tree service in the area, we do provide the best deal when you consider our quality. This greatest value pricing is what we offer to customers who desire professional but practical services. Our team members do their best attempt to give top-notch quality tree care you’re looking for and deserve. 

Serving Door County, WI

Picture of our owner in a bucket truck trimming a very large tree for a customer in Door County, WI.

We serve the entire Door County area which is known to be home to a significant number of beautiful trees. Thankfully, our men are more than capable to handle tree care regardless of its kind, shape, and size. We are mindful of each species’ specialized arboricultural needs, and we are ready to provide them at any time and day. No matter where you reside in Door County or what kind of trees you have, we can help you and your trees. Call us right away if you need tree trimming Door County, WI residents, and businesses rely on us for quality tree care.

Fully Licensed and Insured

Working with trees is one of the most hazardous careers in the country, both for our employees and for your property. As a result, it is critical to only use a tree service that is properly insured, including worker’s compensation and a damage policy with a minimum of $1 million in coverage. Some tree service firms do not offer this insurance to their personnel or consumers.

As a result, these enterprises endanger their employees’ safety and expose their consumers to economic and legal liabilities. If an accident occurs on your property and the worker involved is not properly insured, you will be held accountable under your home’s insurance policy. This is not a risk that property owners want to take, especially unwittingly. For these reasons, we provide comprehensive insurance coverage for all of our staff and clients. 

You can rely on us to provide comprehensive liability insurance for all work conducted at your place of residence or company for you, the property owner. 

Quick and Transparent Free Estimates

We understand that when you call a tree service for an estimate, you ideally want to speak with a live person rather than leave a message and receive a timely quote, preferably on the very day you call. We endeavor to meet both of our prospective customers’ desires. As a result, we begin our journey toward customer service excellence. Every time you contact us, we make every effort to pick up the phone, and we strive to arrive at your home as soon as we can, ideally on the day you desire. Quick and responsive free estimates. We understand that when you call a tree service for an estimate, you ideally want to speak with a live person rather than leaving a message. By doing these two things, we will quickly stand out from the competition and start our collaboration with you off on the right foot, as we know from experience. We make it our number one priority to perform these things every time a prospective customer calls – give exceptional customer service from the beginning.

Customer Testimonials

Look up what others say about the services we offer on the Internet. We are confident that you will find authentic, honest testimonials about our customer service, excellent tree care services, and overall business methods that speak highly of us. We attract some of the most loyal clients a company could want, and they aren’t shy about recommending us to their friends and neighbors. Check us out for yourself and use the testimonials below as proof that we are the firm Door County calls when they want the best.

24/7 Emergency Service

Strong storms with devastating wind and ice can devastate trees, particularly mature ones. Furthermore, the weight of heavy wet snow and ice might pose serious problems for your trees. These conditions can cause a tree to split, uproot, break branches, or even topple over. And, in rare cases, tree damage might result in other property damage, such as power outages. Storm tree damage is often not a do-it-yourself activity for the average homeowner. The scope of the job and the equipment necessary nearly invariably exceed the ability of the property owner. Calling specialists will save you money, time, and any safety risks. We can arrive at your house or company as soon as possible to clean up tree damage, and we operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week during large-scale storm aftermaths due to the high volume of customers requesting assistance. 

A Reliable Professional Services Business

We know exactly what it takes to be a true professional services company. To deliver the professional services that our customers want at fair pricing, we have made investments in trained employees, equipment, and insurance. Finally, we run our organization like any other professional services firm, including law firms, CPA practices, and medical groups. We take our business very seriously. 

We are a locally owned and run company in Door County, WI. We operate independently of a distant corporate headquarters, allowing us to offer competitive pricing as well as specialized services. To deliver the professional services that our customers want at fair pricing, we have made investments in trained employees, equipment, and insurance. Additionally, we have made an investment in our business by obtaining certifications and other credentials, making us the best tree service in the area authorized to offer full-service tree care. Please consider choosing a locally owned and operated firm if you do not contact us for your future tree care need. For quality tree care, contact the tree service Door County, WI residents rely on.

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