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Why Trimming a Tree

Let Green Bay Tree Service maintain your trees by enhancing their appearance with our professional trimming and pruning services.  Regular trimming and pruning will not only maintain the beauty of your trees but also ensure their safety.  Untrimmed trees are both unsightly as well as potential hazards to your property and life.  Untrimmed trees are also more susceptible to storm damage making them doubly hazardous to your property.  Also, tree branches touching your house, especially your roof, oftentimes will void your homeowner’s insurance policy. 

We are experienced and skilled in trimming all species and sizes of trees.  Routine trimming maintains both their appearance as well as contributing to their health.  During the trimming process, there is no better time to assess the health of a tree – we always take the opportunity to advise our customers as to the health and well-being of their trees.  We might be conflicted when we write this, but virtually no property we see has trees on it that don’t need to be trimmed or at least pruned.  It is truly transformative to see before and after photos of a neglected, overgrown tree.  Tree trimming and pruning can significantly change the look of your landscape.  Further, trimming an overgrown tree can have critical effects on nearby plants and grass.  Oftentimes, an overgrown tree will overshadow plants and grass inhibiting their growth. 

Tree Trimming Process

We following tree-trimming guidelines set forth by the Arbor Day Foundation (as illustrated in the photo to the right).  We practice a disciplined process when trimming trees to ensure limbs and branches are not cut too close to the trunk.  We don’t over-trim, and we maintain the inherent shape and style of the tree species.  We have all seen over-trimmed trees and how unsightly they are – Green Bay Tree Service will never trim trees so they look unnatural.  Further, we are mindful of resident landscape plantings and other flora to ensure we don’t do any damage while trimming your trees. 


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