Things to do in Green Bay WI

Don’t let winter stop you from enjoying all that Green Bay has to offer.  Green Bay is full of things to do, places to see, and people to meet – don’t let winter keep you cooped up until spring – get out and about and enjoy the season.

Below are some activities, both outdoors and in, that can help you enjoy the season.

Ice Fishing

Northern Wisconsin is renown for its fishing, with over 10,000 lakes in the region.  However, within Green Bay, there are numerous areas to continue fishing well into the winter – on the ice.  The Fox River is perfect for many access points along its span, to Voyageur Park.  Of course, the bay is very much an ideal spot to put up an ice fishy shanty and make a day of it.  The area is knowns for a variety of species, including whitefish, pike, walleye, and perch.  ​

Cross-Country Skiing

Nothing offers a better combination of scenic beauty and cardio exercise than cross-country skiing.   Brown County Reforestation Camp in Suamico offers almost 1,600 acres and exhilarating exercise while seeing the Great North.   The Camp offers miles of groomed trails, some of which are open after dark.   There are a few others areas in Green Bay that offer skiing to city and county parks as well as Barkhausen Waterfowl Preserve.​

Sledding and Skating

Sledding and skating over great outdoor activities that the entire family can enjoy.   They are as classic to winter as hotdogs are to baseball.  Green Bay offers a number of great opportunities.  The best new option is at Titletown District adjacent to Lambeau field.  It offers a skating pond and sledding hill.  The hill, Ariens, is almost 50 feet tall and over 300 feet long.   And the skating pond is just under the size of an Olympic rink, at just under 17,000 feet.    East of Green Bay is Triangle Sports Arena.  This park offers great snowboarding and traditional skilling.  There are also almost 4 miles of cross-country skiing trails.​

Curling - The Great Northern Sport

What is curling?  Well, you have a great opportunity to learn if you live or visit Green Bay in the winter.  One of the most unique winter sports, curls offers skating, bowling, and social opportunities.  And there is no better place to enjoy this activity than at the Green Bay Curling Club on Mike McCarthy Way.  The club has been around for over 5 decades and is host to many leagues.  If you are new to curling, there are ample opportunities to learn by joining novice leagues that form each fall.  

Green Bay Museums

​To get out of the cold and enjoy some area culture, take a trip to a few area museums.  The Children’s Museum of Green Bay offers exhibits in art, science, history, culture, and more.  It permits children to experience, hands-on, the fund of learning through exploring these different areas.  The Neville Public Museum is another great place to experience art, history, science, and more with exhibits covering a wide range of areas and topics.