Moving to Green Bay WI

Moving to Northern Wisconsin, and specifically, Green Bay may take some adjustment.  However, learn a few things in the article and consider the following, and moving to Green Bay will be a life-altering event in your life.  

Come to Know Your Neighbor and Appreciate the Culture

Each city has its own vibe, and each neighborhood in Green Bay has its own feel.  Travel to Green Bay a few times before deciding on where to move – each neighborhood has its unique charms and personal traits.    Neighborhoods are like family in Green Bay: they can be your best friends, and at times, can be a source of frustration.  However, don’t let the bad outweigh the good – Green Bay has a culture like no other city. 

Go To Lambeau Field

Hearing a crowd of over 80,000 screaming fans is unlike any other experience.  There is a tremendous amount of history packed (no pun intended) into that stadium and the area surrounding it.  Lambeau field is one of the great sports venues in the country, and probably the world.  You just have to experience it to understand the heart and soul of this city and its people.   Even on sub-zero days, the frozen tundra of Lambeau field will be a memory you will never forget. 

Charity Runs and Races

Green Bay is a racers community, filled with 5ks, 10ks, half marathons, and full marathons.  There are huge groups of people running for both competitive, social, and health reasons – consider joining them for one or all of these reasons. It is just not running.  There are diverse opportunities from Door County to Oshkosh, to experience swimming, biking, skiing, sledding, and most other summer and winter sports that you can desire.  Not only will you get the benefits of improved health, but these activities provide a plethora of opportunities to break the ice in making new friends.  Lastly, all these activities are ideal for families. 

Don't Be Afraid to Cross the Bridge

Green Bay is split by the Fox River.  Each side of the river is unique and should be experienced regardless of what side you live on.  If you live on the West side, visit the East side’s restaurants.  If you live on the East side, make a day trip to enjoy one of the local museums.  The great news, both sides are Green Bay and each should be enjoyed by the entire community.

Venture Beyond Green Bay

Northern Wisconsin is vast and has plenty of areas to explore.  You could spend weeks up in the north country visiting the small towns of Star Lake, Minocqua, Eagle River, and all communities of northern Wisconsin.  Consider venturing east into Door County where charming bed and breakfasts await and excellent local restaurants are there to serve you.  Go all the way north, and enjoy the shore of Lake Superior.  Many people don’t realize Wisconsin has a lakeshore along this famous lake.   Even if you don’t have specific plans, just jump in the car and wander the region – it will surely surprise you.